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CANGENCY. Multilingual Boutique Agency. Creative Branding & Marketing | & more. Amsterdam. Picture | Lisa via Pexels
CANGENCY. Multilingual Boutique Agency. Creative Branding & Marketing | & more. Amsterdam. Picture | Elīna Arāja via Pexels

CANGENCY offers multilingual brand management that creates creative strategies and sustainable change solutions. 

Together, we’ll make your next step happen. As multiculturalists driven by creativity, empathy, pragmatism and structure, we help you conquer both local and international markets.

We work ambitiously towards the future, while respecting and learning from the past.


We get to the core of your business

and map out your needs, goals, and potential. Next, we create plans that move you forward.

CANGENCY. Multilingual Boutique Agency. Creative Branding & Marketing | & more. Amsterdam. Picture | Диана Дунаева via Pexels
CANGENCY. Multilingual Boutique Agency. Creative Branding & Marketing | & more. Amsterdam. Picture | Inga Seliverstova via Pexels


What Drives Us



Positive, Inspiring, Inclusive

Creating a positive culture and inspiring solutions is our greatest priority—as is inclusivity. We work closely with you and your team, making sure to arrive at our destination together.

We guide you into a new phase, but at the same time prepare you for the moment when our ways part. When that time comes, you’ll be fully capable of successfully moving forward on your own.

Need our help correcting course or implementing new steps further down the line? We have your back. After our collaboration ends, you can always return to us for guidance on new short- or long-term projects.


Building From The Core

A solid foundation is essential. We start each new project by identifying the core values and drivers of your business. With this information at hand, we craft custom solutions that feel natural and aligned.

We are pragmatic and commercially driven, without ever losing our creative, strategic vision. We challenge you and your team to come up with innovative solutions that resonate perfectly with your business culture and target audience.


Together, we translate your company’s essence into a contemporary identity that appeals to existing and new clients.


Creating Resonance Inside And Out


By creating an aesthetic presence and focusing on quality content, we help you build a powerful brand. This won’t only improve your company’s relationship with the outside world, but can positively transform your business’s inner world as well.


We’ll find a tone of voice and visuals that both your audience and your team can identify with. This will infuse your entire team’s work ethic with a new sense of inspired optimism and belonging.


About The Founder

Being passionate about working with brands that seek structure, but also believe in the power of aesthetics, quality, brand, cross-cultural communication and long-term relationships, Rebecca’s ambition of starting her own company began to take shape. She envisioned an agency offering a full-service approach—like an external department supporting businesses. Personal enough to truly understand its clients, but pragmatic and professional enough to bring about real change:

''Over the past 14 years, I have been fortunate to build a diversified career across multiple industries, both on- and offline—from retail to e-commerce, from sales to branding, from creative jobs to operations. My drive is to create a business structure and environment that facilitates further growth—always operating from an optimistic attitude and a can-do mentality.

I deeply enjoy motivating people to grow into their roles. That means, I will use my experience in building creative branding strategies and combine it with some coaching & mentoring techniques to accompany businesses, solo entrepreneurs or individuals to take their next step. As a boutique agency I can offer customized team work, for both individuals & businesses.

Growing up in two cultures, moving to a foreign country, and working with many internationals have taught me to be receptive to others and to see potential that others may overlook. My Italian roots make me creative, spontaneous and challenge me aesthetically, while my German roots have imbued me with structure, quality, loyalty and pragmatism.

I can describe myself as a very persistent person, operating intuitively and strategically at the same time. I knew that my goal of managing my own boutique agency required broad experience and a good understanding of different parts of a business. I’ve always enjoyed adopting a holistic approach and talking to all involved. This allows me to effectively tackle any question marks and barriers along the way.

CANGENCY allows me to combine both worlds: helping companies with customized solutions and working with people who match my work ethic and mindset. I like to guide companies or individuals through transitions, wherever and whenever they need it. Personal enough to truly understand my clients, but pragmatic and professional enough to bring about real change.”


''Rebecca helped us develop an international website, in which she paid special attention to the branding. Thanks to her we could truly take our website to the next level. Within the blink of an eye, she managed to identify our challenges and opportunities. After that, she carefully guided us through the process. We are not only very pleased with the result, but also look back fondly on a great time with Rebecca at the office!'' 


Let Us Help You Take

 The Next Step!

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